Back Ground Match

We are very sensitive to color, and our eyes are tremendous tools to see and compare color. The emotional and subliminal importance of color in our world cannot be denied. Being sensitive to color values can make the difference betweena so-so print and a print that looks as vibrant as the memories it represents. The importance of color challenges us to work with our visual memory in combination with the best.

Photoshop has to offer. Adjustment Layers, the Info palette, the Histogram dialog box, painting and selection tools, and Blending Modes Additiveandsubtractive color correction with image variations and color balance. Global color correction with Levels and Curves Selectiveandinterchannel.color correction Correcting color temperature problems Many of the tools and techniques used to improve tone, contrast, and exposure Correction, serve as the foundation for working with color

RGB is the additive color space that monitors, scanners, digital cameras, and color slide film originals work or exist in. The advantages to color correcting and retouching in RGB include these: smaller file sizes; equal values of red, green, and blue will always result in a neutral color; CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is the subtractive color mode. Many people prefer doing color correction and retouching in CMYK because they are more comfortable with CMYK color values.